How Important Of A Role Does Translation Play In A Movie

Movies have always occupied an important part in the lives of people. Not only have they been used as a great source of entertainment for people of all ages, but they have also been used to share thoughts and ideas on a larger platform. Many famous books have been made into movies. Hollywood is the most well-known movie industry, as its movies are shown in countries all over the world. Along with it, almost every country has its own movie industry which produces movies for its population in its own language. However, all over the world, both English and non-English speaking, people enjoy watching Hollywood movies, as they are considered to provide the best entertainment.

With this rising demand for English movies in non-English speaking countries, a large translation industry has arisen. Movie makers find this beneficial, as they are able to sell their movies to a much larger group of people. This translation takes place in two ways; either it is done with subtitles of the dialogues appearing at the bottom of the screen or it is done with overdubs. Many people do not prefer subtitles, as they find it stressful to constantly read the dialogues said by the actors, while some people do not like overdubs as the dialogues and the mouth movements do not match.

Even many times the quality of the translation plays a major role in how well the movie gets received. Some translations are done very well, maintaining the integrity of the dialogue, while some are just downright hilarious and some others just do not seem to make any sense. These translations do not take into account the context in which the dialogue is being spoken and just literally translate the dialogue, causing hilarious results. If done carefully, then movie translations can provide the required boost to the career of an individual, as it is a great learning experience. It allows a translator to become a part of movie industry, while showcasing his skills. The only requirement is to do the translations in accordance with the emotions and passion of the actor.

It is not only movies, where translations are required, but even in the news industry the information is taken and translated into various languages to ensure that the information is passed on to as many people as possible. Many times overdubs are done when news is televised for understanding of all the people.